Visa Classic Unembossed

Visa Classic Unembossed - debit card with the advantages of e-cards and classic. It combines the convenience and high reliability, is equally well suited for all types of purchases and obtain cash and is not inferior to the functionality of the classic Visa Classic card. The card is issued directly to the client's treatment time by the Bank.

VISA Payment Card

The card is an international payment instrument for non-cash calculations, which allows its Cardholder to perform transactions in any country in the currency of the host country, regardless of the currency of the account of the Cardholder.

Rates on VISA payment cards

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Card Visa Unembossed almost embarrassed by their owners in the freedom of action:

They shall take all ATMs abroad.

They can pay off in trade and service network.

Cards read terminals.

Suit to pay for online payments, because they have CVV2 / CVC2 codes.