Visa Infinite

Live by your own rules
Welcome to the world of Visa Infinite - a world of specially selected privileges designed to enhance your exclusive standard of living!
Visa Infinite from RSK Bank - provides the owner with a high level of privileges and premium service anywhere in the world.

VISA Payment Card

The card is an international payment instrument for non-cash calculations, which allows its Cardholder to perform transactions in any country in the currency of the host country, regardless of the currency of the account of the Cardholder.

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Live by your own rules

Welcome to the world of Visa Infinite - a world of specially selected privileges designed to enhance your exclusive standard of living!

Visa Infinite from RSK Bank - provides the owner with a high level of privileges and premium service anywhere in the world.

Exclusive privileges and opportunities with the Visa Infinite card:

•Terms of Service:

• Service in the VIP-office of the Bank

• Personal financial manager +996 (557) 707 199

• Priority, confidential, comfortable banking services

• Out of turn service at any branch of the Bank upon presentation of the card

• Premium contactless international payment card Visa Infinite is opened in national currency and in US dollars

• Card issue - free

Annual maintenance:

• First year - 15,000 KGS / 200 USD

• Second year and subsequent years - 10,000 KGS / 120 USD

Your money is always at hand

• Withdraw cash at any ATM of the Bank. In addition, 2 million ATMs worldwide accept Visa Infinite

Widespread acceptance

• Tens of millions of merchants worldwide accept Visa Infinite. You are a welcome guest. Special offers for cardholders from more than 600 partners of the "World of Privileges" program

Also, RSK Bank OJSC provides the following privileged services to Visa Infinite cardholders:

• Credit card account up to KGS 500,000 + interest-free period up to 45 days

• Withdrawing funds and replenishing the card - free of charge

• Free access to the VIP-hall of the airport "Manas" up to 4 times a year

• Free access to more than 1000 business lounges of airports in the world under the Lounge Key program up to 6 times a year

• Accrual to the account balance - in soms 5%, in US dollars 1%

• Free rental of one safety deposit box

•Free-of-charge use of the Money at Home service: withdrawal and delivery of funds to your home by phone call. Up to 3 visits per year

• Cashback 1%, accrued for non-cash transactions with the card (max. Cashback amount is not more than 1000 soms)

• International medical and information assistance for travelers

• Discounts and other offers around the world

• Discounts and privileges in hotels under the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection program

• More than 900 luxury hotels around the world

• Book more than 100,000 hotels in any country of the world with a discount of up to 12% on the website,

• Discounts and privileges when booking a car up to 35% on the AVIS website

• SMS informing - free of charge

• GDAS - Global Customer Service

Concierge service

• Personal Concierge Service - Your very own lifestyle and travel expert. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Concierge Service will help you with all matters related to travel, restaurants, entertainment and much more, while allowing you to save time and money. All background information is provided free of charge.

You can use the Concierge Service by:


E-mail mail:

Telephone: +74 999 511332

Extended Warranty

• In addition to the manufacturer's warranty period, you can count on an additional 24 months of service


• Insurance under the program "Purchase Protection" and "Extended Warranty" - a guarantee of refund or replacement of damaged / stolen goods within 90 days from the date of purchase with a Visa Infinite card

• Travel insurance. By paying for a trip with a card, you provide yourself with full travel insurance

The full list of privileges can be viewed in the Visa Explore application by downloading it from: AppStore, Play Market

Receiving a card

Application at the Bank's office or online

Fill out the form in the office or on the Bank's website to apply. Passport data will be required.

Bank decision

If you need to clarify any information, the Bank employees will call you

Card receipt and delivery

The card can be picked up at the Bank's office, the address of which is indicated in the application. Or use the service "Home card delivery"

Card security


Allows you to withdraw cash from the card. Do not share it with anyone, do not write it on your card or keep it in your wallet.

Mobile phone.

The key to card security. If your phone number has changed, contact the Bank to change it. Block your lost SIM cards in a timely manner.

Card data.

They allow you to make payments without a card. Do not leave the card in plain sight, or let it be photographed or copied.

Online payments.

Available after activating access to enable online payments. Access can be excluded if you do not intend to make purchases via the Internet.

Shopping and payments

Shopping in the store.

Your card is accepted by payment terminals in stores around the world.

Online payments.

The card is protected by Verified by Visa technology. Before purchasing, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. Don't share it with anyone. If your phone number has changed, change it at any branch of the Bank.

Simple card replenishment

Bank transfer.

From any bank in the world, crediting is made within 1-5 business days.

Non-cash transfers from card to card, issued by "RSK Bank", in mobile banking RSK24, ATMs and payment terminals of the Bank. Enrollment is instant.

Cash replenishment. Replenishment of the card in USD and KGS in any branches of the Bank.


More than 400

Payments and services are available on your phone 24/7