Precautions when using payment cards

In order to increase the security level of your card, we offer you to get acquainted with our recommendations. This will ensure the maximum safety of a bank card, its details, PIN and other data, as well as reduce the potential risks when making transactions using a credit card.

VISA Payment Card

The card is an international payment instrument for non-cash calculations, which allows its Cardholder to perform transactions in any country in the currency of the host country, regardless of the currency of the account of the Cardholder.

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1. General safety and minimizing risks

1.1. When you receive a card, always put down his signature on it.

1.2.PIN code (personal identification number) - is a combination of numbers, containing 4 digits and is intended to identify and protect cardholders against unauthorized use of the Card.

Information about the PIN code should be known only to you. Nobody has the right to ask you to report PIN cards.

1.3. Do not store your PIN and card together, do not write the PIN on the card itself.

Remember PIN or store it separately from the cards out of the reach of others


1.4. Do not pass the Card to outsiders for any operations.

1.5. To reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions when visiting countries

a high level of fraud (African countries, South-East Asian countries

Latin America, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, USA) carefully observe

all the security measures set out in this Notice.

1.6. Keep receipts confirming payment of goods and services, within a year from the date of

of the transaction on the Card. If the transaction for whatever reason did not take place,

Keep receipts of unsuccessful operations with the Card and / or alternative

payment (payment in cash, with another card), if it is carrying out.

These documents may be required to confirm the legality of the operation,

perfect with the Card, or to resolve disputes.

1.7. Regularly (at least once a month) check statements of payment accounts. If you have questions relating to the conduct of operations on the account

(Unauthorized write-offs or erroneous charges),

immediately contact the branch of OJSC "RSK Bank" (the Bank).

1.8. To ensure control of the operations with the Card You can

use the service «SMS alert." By using this service, you can

get information about available balance after the card transactions,

notice of receipt of funds on account and debit transactions.

The service connects the ATMs of the Bank.

1.9. To minimize the financial losses from fraudulent conduct operations

Your card, you have the ability to set limits on the amounts of transactions

Card (for each operation, on operations for 24 hours) as separate operations

cashless payment for goods (works, services) and / or receipt of cash transactions

means, and for all operations. For the same reason the Bank can be found

restrictions on cash withdrawal at ATMs within a day.

1.10. If you receive any inquiries (by e-mail, telephone and other means) to confirm the personal data and information on your card does not pass

information on your card (PIN number, card number, expiration date Card

CVV2 - security code), as these messages are used by hackers

to obtain confidential information for use in

fraudulent purposes. Be aware that messages may be similar to the real

official reports (may be the style of a business letter, contain references to

operating sites or sites that are well disguised as the famous sites of organizations

informing may be performed automatically using

"E-voting"), and can transmit malicious programs that are

computer viruses, allowing illegally obtain personal

information. Upon receipt of such messages (requests) immediately contact

on the phone with a call center bank. For the information interaction with the Bank

Use the means of communication (telephone / fax, and email), details of which are specified in the documents received directly by the Bank.

1.11. For safe use of the Internet use addresses

Official Web-sites. These measures are related to the emergence of the Internet of Web-sites,

simulating Internet representative of the Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. Domain Names

(Addresses to which the Company provides services through the Internet), and visual style

these sites are usually similar to the names of the true of Web-sites of banks.

Using these details associated with the risk and can lead to

undesirable consequences (including financial losses). When

self-identify false Web-site of the Bank or obtain information such

kind of e-mail or other means, immediately contact by phone

(312) 65-03-85 or 65-02-73 from the call center bank.

1.12. Update your contact information to the Bank has been able to contact you by phone / e-mail / sms, for example, in the case of a suspicious transaction on your card.


2. Precautions for the transactions with the Card

2.1. Perform all card transactions in trade and service enterprises only in your

presence. Do not allow employees to trade and service companies take your

Card to another room and do not allow the loss of cards out of your view when

operations, as in such cases the information to your maps using

Special equipment may be replicated and used to produce

fake card to gain access to your billing account.

2.2. Before you sign the check, make sure that the document correctly

It records any make operations. If you find inaccuracies in the said

information, refuse and ask for the signature has to do to cancel the

operation. In case of cancellation of the operation is necessary to obtain a check on the abolition of the operation.

2.3. Do not place in the trade and service enterprises with a print blank checks

Your card, ie checks, where there is no your signature or transaction amount.

Unfilled and "spoiled" checks must be disposed of employee trade

service organization immediately, in your presence.

2.4. Do not throw away or leave in the trade and service organizations payment

documents card transactions, since they can be printed in full number


2.5. When you enter a PIN at the time of the operation in the trade and service enterprise

note that he introduced a special device (PIN or pada

by means of the POS-terminal) directly connected to the cash register

or POC terminal. Do not fall for the offer to enter the PIN code twice

various devices in one and the same place, except when repeated payment

or cancel the operation.

2.6. Please note that an employee of the bank or the merchant

enterprise during the operation of the Card shall be entitled to request the document

your identity.

2.7. The card can be removed from your officer at the request of the Bank or Bank of Commerce

service businesses in which you are implementing pay for goods / services through

Maps. In this case, you should be sure to get the act of removing the card and

immediately contact the Bank works to block the card.

2.8. Do not forget to pick up the card after the transaction, at the same time making sure that

Return Card belongs to you.

2.9. Presents the card for payment only in the trade and service enterprises that

credible. Take special care when carrying out operations

Maps using the following commercial and service organizations:

•• razvlekatelnye centers

•• yuvelirnye salons

•• turisticheskie Agency

•• internet services (tickets, payment for goods / services for hotels, etc.)

It is especially important to remember this while traveling in Eastern Europe,

Asia-Pacific region, in countries with a high level of fraud identified

in Sec. 1.5.

2.10. To minimize the risk of your card refrain from receiving cash

cash in the trade and service enterprises, which in addition to the sale of goods

engaged to withdraw cash. Use for this purpose points of issue

cash or ATMs located in safe places (division of the bank,

government agencies, large shopping malls, hotels, airports, etc.).

2.11. Before the operation on the ATM / self-service terminal

check its appearance. Upon detection devices, suspicious (overlay card reader, keyboard pad to enter the PIN-code pad on the front of ATM or next to it, which can be mounted camera, etc.), wire and foreign products do not insert the card into the device to read. If possible, contact the organization that established the ATM / self-service terminal to notify the detection devices.

2.12. In order to prevent fraudulent operations and in accordance with the recommendations of international payment systems Bank ATMs are installed on special types of blue lining to avoid unauthorized copying of data tracks of the magnetic card. In the case of information on the screen of the ATM

appearance antiskimmingovoy lining for additional security

Safety Check the appearance of the existing lining of the proposed image.

If any discrepancies contact on the phone with a call center.

2.13. If you are within walking distance from the ATM seen suspicious people recommended

perform an operation on another ATM installed in a well lit and

a safe place, or in paragraph cash advance.

2.14. Please note the following: reader for payment cards

providing access to a special closed room where the ATMs and

other self-service terminals, should not require a PIN entry. If

entering the room found a device that requires a PIN, do not use it.

2.15. In step with the introduction of the PIN, make sure that you enter on

keypad PIN code is not visible to others, for this, for example, with the other hand

close the keyboard to avoid the possibility of recording and viewing your actions

Information about the insertion PIN code from the side. Do not resort to the help of outsiders

for operations on maps.

2.16. In the case of capture your ATM card / device due to the self-service

technical problems, immediately contact your bank serving

ATM / self-service device for information when and where it will be

You can get the card. It is recommended to suspend the Card (temporarily

block the card), phone the call center bank.

2.17. In the case of non-receipt of the whole or part of the amount requested on the ATM or

problems arise when making investment operations (on devices with the function

cash receipt) refer to the Bank for processing the application for

the problem.

• V when you feel that your PIN code has become known to other people, in

You suspect illegal use of your card, map was

lost, stolen, or seized by the ATM, you should immediately contact

on the phone with call centers of banks, either personally contact the bank with a request

block the card and order a new card.



3. Safety in the transactions of non-cash payment for goods (works,

services) via the Internet, telephone / fax, mail.

3.1. When conducting cashless payment for goods / services via the Internet, telephone / fax, mail You may be asked to specify CVV2 (the three digit security code). This value is located on the reverse side of the card (the last three

figures printed on the signature strip or right of a special field) and

used for additional verification of the bank's clients.

3.2. Enter your PIN to identify Holder assumes only during

Operations with the Card Holder in the presence of the terminals with a function of reading

map data, and only using a special device - PIN pad: the keyboard,

connected to a payment terminal or cash register. In the case of

cashless payment for goods / services via the Internet, telephone / fax,

mail should be deleted to provide information about a PIN code.

3.3. With operations in the online stores Check that the store has

published by the obligation to protect customer data, certified payment

VISA system and is present on the site contact details of the organization. Possibly

Make sure the correct address and phone number listed on the site. Input required

Information should be held in zaschischѐnnom channel using HTTPS-protocol.

3.4. Be careful, Web-sites may be used by fraudsters to obtain

confidential information (for ordering goods / services to clients are invited to fill

electronic forms and specify details of payment accounts, cards, including PIN).

There are, for example, such types of fraud as the site of the twin-known Internet

store; "Store one-day"; site, which is not really exist

organization and so on. Be wary of conducting operations through

Internet and provide your personal information and information about the

Your cards.

3.4. In order to prevent fraud on your credit card, bank advises you

after the use of payment cards in one of the countries listed below apply to the Bank for blocking or re-issue your card to the new card:

• Tailand

• Malayziya

• Tayvan

• Braziliya

• Gonkong

• Indoneziya

• Singapur

• Meksika

• Nigeriya

• Ukraina

• Turtsiya

It should be remembered:

• Bank not responsible for the transactions made on the fraudulent sites.

• Klient is responsible for all transactions performed with the card (including

Internet operations) committed with the use of card details, as well as

all amounts debited from the customer's account.

• Klient bear all risks associated with conducting online transactions.

• Bank not be liable if the operation fails for reasons beyond

Bank of circumstances.