Internet purchases with Visa card

Make purchases online Visa card from RSK Bank is easy and simple!
You want to order a toy for a child to buy a gift for your loved one and simply want to pay interent service? You just need to buy a VISA card from RSK Bank and enjoy your purchase!

VISA Payment Card

The card is an international payment instrument for non-cash calculations, which allows its Cardholder to perform transactions in any country in the currency of the host country, regardless of the currency of the account of the Cardholder.

Rates on VISA payment cards

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Make purchases on the Internet on Visa cards from RSK Bank is easy and simple!


With the development of technology and the advent of electronic currencies problem of long queues in the stores is becoming less relevant: the purchase can be done without leaving home. Having plastic card, just enough to enter details into a special form on the site, and the purchase has already been made. Payment visa card over the Internet is becoming a more popular way of calculations and, of course, the topic is worthy of a separate article.

How to pay the visa card purchase via the Internet

In order to purchase any goods, tickets to a concert or to order the service via the Internet using a credit card, you do not need any other details except those that are mapped. 

To pay for any purchase, you need to enter the following information: your name, card number (it consists of 16 characters), its duration and the so-called cvv-code, which is the last 3 digits located on the back of the card. As you can see, paying by card over the Internet - a fairly simple process that does not take much time and does not require special skills.


Is any card for online payments?

As you know, there are many types of cards issued by Visa, the most common of which are Visa electron and Visa slassic. Pay for purchases on the Internet, you can use any Visa card. However, for security reasons, many banks set a ban on online transactions.

Therefore, if you pay by card over the Internet you have not, then you need to contact the issuing bank with a request to remove the specified limit. If the online calculations you will comply with certain rules and not begin to enter data on unknown or suspicious websites, security software, stored on the card, there is no threat.