VISA Payment Card

The card is an international payment instrument for non-cash calculations, which allows its Cardholder to perform transactions in any country in the currency of the host country, regardless of the currency of the account of the Cardholder.

Rates on VISA payment cards

Visa Infinite

Live by your own rules
Welcome to the world of Visa Infinite - a world of specially selected privileges designed to enhance your exclusive standard of living!
Visa Infinite from RSK Bank - provides the owner with a high level of privileges and premium service anywhere in the world.

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VISA Business

Visa Business cards are designed for small and medium-sized enterprises making a variety of daily payments.

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Visa Gold

The “RSK Bank” OJSC offers Economy Visa Gold and Visa Gold PCL products. These cards are of VISA Gold series cards and have the inherent privileges of this category.

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VISA Classic

VISA Classic also popular among consumers with average income, because it ensures convenience, choice and financial flexibility.

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Change of PIN-code of VISA cards, RSK Bank OJSC

New service “Change of PIN-code” makes an opportunity to change independently a PIN-code of VISA payment card into any suitable 4 figure combination in self-service apparatus of RSK Bank OJSC.

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Visa Classic Unembossed

Visa Classic Unembossed - debit card with the advantages of e-cards and classic. It combines the convenience and high reliability, is equally well suited for all types of purchases and obtain cash and is not inferior to the functionality of the classic Visa Classic card. The card is issued directly to the client's treatment time by the Bank.

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Internet purchases with Visa card

Make purchases online Visa card from RSK Bank is easy and simple!
You want to order a toy for a child to buy a gift for your loved one and simply want to pay interent service? You just need to buy a VISA card from RSK Bank and enjoy your purchase!

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Precautions when using payment cards

In order to increase the security level of your card, we offer you to get acquainted with our recommendations. This will ensure the maximum safety of a bank card, its details, PIN and other data, as well as reduce the potential risks when making transactions using a credit card.

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Visa - a universal payment card

Intended for:

payment in Kyrgyzstan goods and services abroad, including via the Internet;

booking hotels, car rental, reservation of tickets worldwide;

Benefits of Visa payment cards

safety and security of your money;

receipt of cash from ATMs and RSK Bank vvsemu world partner banks;

instant money transfer

financial support for relatives

Payment card rules here