Deposit «CHILDREN» (Detskii) Mastercard


With MasterCard cards always easy and convenient, because the required amount of money is always at hand. In addition, MasterCard guarantees absolute safety of your funds.
Use of MasterCard "RSK Bank" at payment of services and purchases in shops, cafes and restaurants, while traveling!

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«CHILDREN» (Detskii) deposit on the basis of Mastercard Standard payment card

Minimum deposit amount in KGS: 5000 KGS

Minimum deposit amount in dollars: $100

Opening an account - free of charge

Deposit is opened by a parent (guardian) or a close relative in favor of the child


Monthly accrual and capitalization of interest

Possibility of partial withdrawal of funds from the account

Possibility to replenish the account with a commission of 0% 

Deposit term



6 to 12 months

6%  per annum

0,0%  per annum

12 to 24 months

8%  per annum

0,3%  per annum

24 to 36 months

10%  per annum

0,5%  per annum

36 to 60 months

12%  per annum

1,0%  per annum










52 branches

34 stationary savings banks

28 field savings banks.


supermarkets, shops,

cafes, restaurants, beauty salons.