Instructions for cashless transfers MasterCard and Visa cards


With MasterCard cards always easy and convenient, because the required amount of money is always at hand. In addition, MasterCard guarantees absolute safety of your funds.
Use of MasterCard "RSK Bank" at payment of services and purchases in shops, cafes and restaurants, while traveling!

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Please insert the card VISA (Electron, Gold or Business) or MasterCard (Maestro, Standart or Gold), and select the interface language:

Enter PIN:

In the menu that appears, select an operation, the operation is necessary in the menu under the button "bills and transfer":


Next, select the "Transfer from card to card":

In the window that appears, enter the 16-digit card number, which is necessary to produce a translation:

If the card number is entered correctly, then the following window appears, enter the transfer amount:

If the card number is entered incorrectly, the menu will keep asking the correct card number. Correct card number may be using the "Adjustment" key:

After clicking "Continue" will complete the payment information. If everything is correct, press the "Continue" button. If there is a need otkorrekirovat payment data, click "Fix"

In the case of a successful operation will offer to pick up a check: