Deposit "Standard Capital" MasterCard Standart

MasterCard is convenient to use for saving and accumulating money.


With MasterCard cards always easy and convenient, because the required amount of money is always at hand. In addition, MasterCard guarantees absolute safety of your funds.
Use of MasterCard "RSK Bank" at payment of services and purchases in shops, cafes and restaurants, while traveling!

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Deposit card MasterCard Standart «Standard Capital" has a number of advantages:

  • means available 24/7. This deposit, which is always in your wallet. This accumulation, which can be useful at any time, and that can be used without losing the accrued interest;
  • rapid clearance and a card. Payment card is issued and shall be issued immediately. The customer also has the option to withdraw cash at ATMs of banks-members without loss of accrued interest;
  • replenishment without restrictions. At any time, you can make money on deposit
  • sms-service.


Interest on catfish and dollar bills, depending on the term.

The minimum deposit amount in KGS 30 000 soms

The minimum deposit amount in USD: 1 000 US Dollars


Term of deposit



3 months

2% per annum

0,0%  per annum

6 months

5% per annum

0,0% per annum

9 months

7% per annum

0,3% per annum

12 months

9%  per annum

2,5% per annum

18 months

9,5%  per annum


24 months

10% per annum

0,5% per annum

36 months

11% per annum














Rates on deposit  "Standard Capital" here