Elkart - Social payments


Payment card "ELCART" - a local National card with magnetic technology. Maps are served throughout the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Rates on Elcart payment cards

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«Elcart» - «Social payments» - this social card allows you to ensure the convenience and security of receiving social payments and benefits. With the help of a social card, you can pay for various services, including housing and communal services, taxes, pay for goods in stores.

Social cards significantly simplify the life of their holders, simplifying the procedure for receiving payments due. When receiving benefits on a card, you can withdraw cash at any convenient time at the nearest ATM of the ELCART system - there is no need to tediously wait in line at the cash desk, fill out any paperwork, etc.

Benefits of a social card:

  • free release and maintenance;
  • cash payments from the social protection authorities will be automatically credited to your account on the day of transfer;
  • convenience of withdrawing funds from a social card at ATMs at any time, 7 days a week;
  • the ability to pay utility bills, pay for electricity, gas, home and mobile phone, tax payments - all services in one place, without queues and additional costs;
  • you can pay for goods and services without commissions in stores that accept bank cards.


To open an account, you just need to apply with a passport to a branch of our Bank.