Types of card accounts

The funds on the card account, you can use at any time. Card advantage is that it is not necessary to visit the office of the bank to perform payment transactions, enough to withdraw money via ATM or to pay at the point of service.

Alai Card Payment cards

The “Alai Card” system is a leading bank payments clearing system in Kyrgyzstan.

As of today, the number of service points on the whole territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is more than 170 ATMs and POS-terminals.

Alai Card rates for natural persons

Alai Card rates for legal entities

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You can use your card as a means of payment, deposit funds to the extent necessary and withdraw funds at the right time at the nearest RSK Bank service station.

The cost of opening an account is 390 KGS.


Foreign currency

This type of account will be of interest to holders of foreign currency, preferring to keep their money in foreign currency, and, if necessary, to quickly cash out or transfer foreign currency to other accounts within or outside the country.

The cost of opening an account is 490 KGS.

 Available currencies: ruble, dollar, euro

Salary project

We suggest you to resort to the use of electronic means of payment. Since wages and other payments will be made monthly non-cash from the company's accounts to personal bank accounts of the employees, the company is no need for large amounts of cash. Accordingly, fade problems related to transportation, storage, conversion, encashment, security of cash.

Save time and resources of the enterprise accounting,

cash management automation,

Creating effective mechanisms of control of funds, which will facilitate the work of the entity's financial division,

The transition to cashless payments,

The introduction of advanced technologies,

The introduction of additional motivation for the employees of the client company.

RSK Bank presents to you a new type of lending in the form of overdraft facilities to salary card. Loans in the form of overdraft - it's a great alternative to consumer credit for urgent needs for holders of payroll cards.

Overdraft is repaid automatically when you receive funds on the card. As quenching his overdraft limit is reduced, and you have new opportunities.

Overdraft is carried out in the amount of 70% of monthly salary. on the loan, the Commission is as follows:

- With the guarantee organization 0.083% per day on the amount used;

- No guarantee organizatsii- 0.095% per day on the amount used;