Payment of taxes

Direct and indispensable duty of every citizen is the timely payment of taxes.
With the help of RSK Bank pay taxes became easier and easier!

Alai Card Payment cards

The “Alai Card” system is a leading bank payments clearing system in Kyrgyzstan.

As of today, the number of service points on the whole territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is more than 170 ATMs and POS-terminals.

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Dear Clients!

The terms of the information for calculating and paying the tax depends on the type of tax.

In anticipation of the peak period for tax payment by individuals "RSK Bank" sold to its customers a unique opportunity to non-cash payment of tax payments by bank card at ATMs and payment terminals of the bank.

Now you can quickly and independently pay:

Land tax for agricultural purposes,

Land tax non-agricultural purposes,

Land tax for the use of plots of land,

Tax on real estate, not used for entrepreneurial activity

Tax on immovable property used for business 2 group.

Tax on immovable property used for business 3 groups

Tax on vehicles of individuals

The tax for the patent (mandatory, voluntary and employee)

It is very important and useful that the payment card you can pay taxes and fees both for himself and for another taxpayer (a relative, friend, acquaintance). In order to use the service, does not need to issue additional documents - the service is available to any owner of a credit card "RSK Bank".

How to make a payment:

• Insert the card into the ATM and enter PIN

select "Instant Payments"

• меню пункту «төлөм кызматтарын» тандоо

•select "Payment State. Payments"

• Select the menu item "State Tax Service"

• Select the menu "Type of tax" (for example, "Tax on vehicles of individuals"), the screen will display Notification Tax Service
Enter the 14-digit number VAT number (your own or the person for whom you want to make a payment)

• select an area / city / district / aimag (select if necessary)

• enter the vehicle number by moving the cursor on the screen using the buttons on the left and right of the screen (the default entry is made in Latin)

• enter the amount of payment

• will appear on the screen payment details. Be careful! You need to check the entered data: amount, TIN, region, district, state number TC, name corresponding to the INN. Commission - 15 soms.
• Take a check

• is displayed on the receipt: the date and time of payment, VAT payer, region, district, state number TC, name, check number, amount of payment, commission type of tax.

Төлөө сонун болот!

Payment is completed!

You can verify the credit transfer by going to the website of the tax inspection online.
To do this:

1. Go to the site

2. Select the right-hand column under "E-Services" link "Search for receipt of payment of the tax."

3. Enter the VAT number, check number and the date of payment.

4. You will see the full information about the payment.

5. For all questions, including in the case of incorrect data input during payment, please contact the State Tax Service.

Additionally, we inform that the Decree of the Government since the beginning of the year, a special sticker, confirming the fact of payment of the tax on the vehicle. This is done in order to improve the mechanism of levying tax on property objects of Group 4 and simplify the payment control procedures.

These stickers are free of charge to the taxpayer by the tax authorities of the republic after the presentation of information and the calculation of tax payment for the vehicle. Stickers are certified by the signature of an employee of the tax authority and the stamp of his name.


The check is printed on thermal paper and labels it susceptible to "burn" when stored at temperatures above 350C.

OJSC "RSK Bank" recommends to make a copy of the check, which can be present employees UPM without stickers.

OJSC "RSK Bank" expresses its gratitude to the representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic State Tax Service for their assistance and support in this project.
Phone Service Support Payment Card holders: 650,385