Memo to cardholders Alai-Card

Safety instructions for cardholders "Alai Card"

Alai Card Payment cards

The “Alai Card” system is a leading bank payments clearing system in Kyrgyzstan.

As of today, the number of service points on the whole territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is more than 170 ATMs and POS-terminals.

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Memo to cardholders Alai-Card.

Due to the fact that the Alai Card system uses cards based on microprocessor chip technology, counterfeiting which is currently impossible, is also impossible to copy and use the cryptographic information stored on the card, the basic authentication method is a PIN known only to cardholders.
1.1. PIN (Personal Identification Number) - a combination of numbers, containing 4 digits and is designed to identify the cardholder, and protect against unauthorized use of the Card.

PIN-code information should be known only to you. Nobody has the right to ask you to report PIN cards.

1.2. Do not store the PIN and card together, do not write the PIN on the card itself.

Remember PIN or store it separately from the cards out of the reach of others


1.3. Do not pass the Card to outsiders for any operation.
1.4. Keep receipts confirming payment of goods and services, within a year from the date of

of the transaction on the Card. If the transaction did not take place for any reason,

Keep receipts for unsuccessful operations using the Card and / or alternative

payment (payment in cash, with the use of other cards), in the case of its implementation.

These documents may be required to confirm the legitimacy of the operation,

perfect with the Card, or for the settlement of disputes.

1.5. Regularly (at least once a month) check the statements of payment accounts. If you have questions related to the operations of the account (Unauthorized charges or erroneous accruals) immediately contact the branch of OJSC "RSK Bank" (the Bank).

1.6. To minimize the financial losses from fraudulent operations on Your card, you have the option to set limits on the amounts of transactions Cards (for each transaction, at 24 hours operations) as separate operations for cashless payment for goods (works, services) and / or receipt of cash transactions means, and for all operations. With the same purpose, the Bank may be found a restriction on cash withdrawal at ATMs within a day.

1.10. Upon receipt of any request (by e-mail, telephone and other means) to confirm the personal data and information about your card does not pass information on your card (PIN, card number), as these messages are used by attackers to obtain sensitive information for later use for fraudulent purposes.

(312) 65-03-85 or 65-02-73. 

For information interaction with the Bank using means of communication (phone / fax, and email), details of which are specified in the documents received directly by the Bank.