Alai Card Payment cards

The “Alai Card” system is a leading bank payments clearing system in Kyrgyzstan.

As of today, the number of service points on the whole territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is more than 170 ATMs and POS-terminals.

Alai Card rates for natural persons

Alai Card rates for legal entities

Types of card accounts

The funds on the card account, you can use at any time. Card advantage is that it is not necessary to visit the office of the bank to perform payment transactions, enough to withdraw money via ATM or to pay at the point of service.

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Deposits on the basis of “Alai Card”

Users of “Alai Card” can take advantage of the deposit from the RSK> BANK. At the same time you can use the card as a means of payment and storage of funds, and at the same time your money will work. Interest will accrue on the account balance depending on the type of the deposit.

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Payment of taxes

Direct and indispensable duty of every citizen is the timely payment of taxes.
With the help of RSK Bank pay taxes became easier and easier!

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Alay Transfer

Alay-Transfer is a new method for money transfer from the card to Alay Card in self-service machines of the Bank. Alay Transfer gives the possibility for immediate replenishment of accounts in the cards of relatives and friends.

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Card individual design

Any person, children, parents, nature, exotic landscapes –your appreciated picture can now be implemented in the image of Alai Card.

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SMS-informing for payment cards «Alai Card»

SMS-informing is a service that controls safety of cash assets in banking payment cards and accounts by SMS-messages sending to the mobile phone.

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Memo to cardholders Alai-Card

Safety instructions for cardholders "Alai Card"

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Alai Card payment card

Using the chip technology, “Alai Card” ensures 100 % reliability and safety of your funds allocation. Nowadays, “Alai Card” provide its users with the large service options throughout the Kyrgyz Republic 


“Alai Card” options

  • Addition. Adding of funds to the card account in any branch office and of the savings bank of the “RSK Bank” as well as via automatic devices;
  • Wide service network: more than 160 ATMs and more than 100 offices throughout the country. Cash withdrawal in ATMs with 24 hour operation;
  • Multi-currency card. The ability to use a single card in two currencies. “Alai Card” with rouble application is accepted for service in the “Golden Crown” system on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Long service life. Unlike the bank cards with magnetic stripe , the “Alai Card” chip allows you to use the card up to 10-12 years;
  • Loans. The holders of the “Alai Card” salary projects can use the loans;
  • Daily purchases. Make purchases with the “Alai Card” in shops, cafes, gas stations and receive discounts;